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Connect to 3G on Simyo in Germany

I recently signed up for simyo, a German cell provider. After installing the Nano SIM into my phone, I noticed that the 3G connection to the mobile data network was failing. Got a weird error that said I was not subscribed to a mobile data network. Which was obviously false.

So, I tweeted about it. Expecting a several-day delay in my support query from simyo, I totally resigned to wait on mobile data until they got back to me. But luckily this new 6W family & friends totally came to my rescue. Rafif Yalda, a former Wunderkind, totally came to my rescue in a tweet (which has since been removed).

So if you ever run into a problem with your mobile network, ensure that your APN settings are correct. In this case:

APN: internet.eplus.de
username: simyo
password: simyo

THANK YOU RAFIF. This surely saved me many hours of frustration.