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iA Writer Needs Print Configuration

I have really adored iA Writer and use the app obsessively on my iPhone, iPad and Mac. It's arguably one of my most oft-used apps. I write all sorts of things with the app: blog posts/ideas (like this one), essays, lab reports -- even the occasional code snippet. It's my writing tool of choice, and I thank Information Architects for writing such an awesome app.

I also print out a lot of my writing. I like to edit by hand with a pen and paper. I like the beautiful typeface that iA Writer provides and the margins on 8.5" x 11" paper (US) are amazing. I've really enjoyed the almost typewriter-like essence of the print-outs which iA Writer provides.

I'd really love some more configuration options for printing, however. While I will undoubtedly hear the argument that iA Writer offers no configuration on purpose, I will argue that the "No Configuration Rule" must only apply to in-app writing, not to the manifestation of this writing in paper form.

The No Configuration Rule is supported by the fact that configuration and modification of the working environment is often a hindrance to one's ability to write awesome content. It's a distraction. But it's a distraction only when writing, not when printing. I'd say this No Configuration Rule thus can only be justified for writing, i.e. on;y be justified for the look and feel of the writing experience in the app.

But that's an argument with too many implications. Let's make it a bit smaller, to the size of a wish:

My only real wish for this app is to allow double-spaced print-outs. That's it. I want to be able to edit my papers double-spaced.

So what say you, Information Architects? Think it's possible? I'd really appreciate it.