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Israel & Hamas

You may have heard about the recent eruption of violence in Israel and the Gaza Strip. You may have your opinions set, but just hear me out.

So the way the story goes is that Gaza has been firing lots of rockets into Israel and Israel has decided to retaliate by firing its own rockets and otherwise bombarding the Gaza Strip with explosives. So, fire and fire are at work here.

This is wrong. Hamas (the current leaders of Gaza) is wrong and Israel is wrong. There is nothing morally justifiable about what either party is doing.

Many have expressed sympathy with Israel and an acquaintance of mine even posted a video produced by the Israel Defense Forces about why it has the right to retaliate on Facebook. There is absolutely no "right" to kill anyone. No one can justifiably kill anyone else.

Enter: moral excusability. While killing another human being is never morally justifiable, it is often viewed as morally excusable. That is, it is not right to kill another human being, but it isn't wrong (given the circumstances) either. Well, that's bullshit. If something isn't morally justifiable, don't do it.

This eye-for-an-eye thing is getting out of hand. Both parties need to stop hurting each other and begin discussing what can be done to peacefull coexist. Unless Israel kills all the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, there will never be peace. Unfortunately, it seems like their hawkish Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is just about ready to kill off every non-Israeli in the Gaza Strip.

This whole situation is just despicable.