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Hacker Newsletter

As a diligent member of the Web Dev & Tech community, I have subscribed to a number of weekly newsletters that focus on a particular programming language (such as the much beloved Ruby Weekly) or a particular occupation (e.g. Devops Weekly). Despite this great abundance of weekly tech newsletters, I look forward to no newsletter more than Hacker Newsletter.

First and foremost, the newsletter is intelligently & beautifully designed. It's very readable, very well-organized and simply perfect for my scatter-brained mind to parse through and enjoy. Kale Davis, the curator of Hacker Newsletter, does a spectacular job of rounding up important news stories, new & noteworthy libraries & such, and great examples of awesome things people are doing on the web.

Austin, of MailChimp, couldn't have said it better:

In an age where information comes via an increasingly overwhelming deluge, Hacker Newsletter combines relevant tech topics with discerning curation. Founder and web-app builder Kale Davis does the work so you can catch up on all the important topics developers are talking about in one easily digestible email.

If you haven't signed up for Hacker Newsletter yet, do so immediately! No time to waste!

Brilliant job, Kale. Keep 'em coming!